Ottawa Contra Dance

Youth Info ... for the 20-somethings (& teens too!)

Thanks for checking us out - We're glad you've found us!
While contra dancing is often associated with bands using traditional instruments such as fiddles, contra is far from stuffy. Contra is a hot & happenin' scene in the US and we've got some great stuff happening in Ottawa too. Do you do swing dance? Come and use your moves in contra ... same with blues! And if you haven't danced before, this is a super accepting environment open to anyone. :)

Here are five reasons to give contra dancing a try:

  1. There is always wickedly good music and calling --- fabulous live entertainment!
  2. You can start as a total beginner and have a blast. At the same time, there is ALWAYS more to learn for those who love a challenge ... check out some of the videos below.
  3. You are immediately welcomed into a fun and diverse multigenerational community. You can come by yourself or with a crowd. You may even start traveling afar to dance weekends and festivals as it's so much fun.
  4. It's a great deal! Only $14 (includes HST) for live music/calling (10$ for students, including HST; free for 15 and under), with performers often coming from quite a distance.
  5. You don't need a fifth reason do you? Just come give it a try. :)

Looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor and if you have youth-specific feedback, let us know!

Special Youth Contra Dances - TWO in the 2018-2019 season

Some of our past youth dances have reached hall capacity (i.e., had to turn people away) so get there by 730! While all ages are welcome, everyone 29 and under are *free-of-charge* ... invite your friends and let's pack the hall! This offer is NOT only for students but for ANYONE 29 and under. The two youth dance dates are:

November 17th, 2018 & April 20th, 2019

More information on the full schedule here.

Fabulous YouTube clips to check out!

Dance at Greenfield Grange MA with Wild Asparagus

Magic Foot at 2009 Youth Dance Weekend

Contra hip hop at the 2008 Youth Dance Weekend

Montpelier VT dance with Beeswax Sheepskin

Hot Asheville NC dance

Dance in Ottawa this past fall