Hey Fever! 2020

Hey Fever! 2019 was a pure joy that was richely enjoyed by EVERYONE who attended!
Hey Fever! 2020 is already being planned.

The 2020 bands are Pete's Posse and Cloud Ten.

The 2020 callers are Nils Fredland and Gaye Fifer.

They are sure to fill us with much joy! More information will be available here soon.

Reserve October 30 - November 1, 2020 in your calendar!

Registration will open on May 1st, 2020.

Here's what dancers said about some past Hey Fevers!

2019: "It was the epitome of fun." "We had a 7 hour drive to and from the dance but it was totally worth it.", "I HAD SO MUCH FUN AT HEY FEVER!!! You changed my life." "I finished the weekend feeling like I'd been away on vacation." "I never once felt like an outsider." "very community minded"

2018: "Amazing bands, wicked callers, awesome crowd, smooth organization" "superb event." "Great dance! This was my first year and I'll definitely be back!!" "This was such a spectacular Hey Fever!" "some of the highest quality talent at an event" "already looking forward to the next one."

2017: "Was fabulous from start to finish." "Everyone had a blast." "I cried a little when it was over." "My first full weekend dancing, I couldn't imagine better." "Hey Fever is becoming one of our favorite dance weekends. It's a long way from central New Hampshire to Ottawa, but well worth the trip."

2016: "Hey Fever is one of my favourite dance weekends." "I can't imagine a better time." "Your community in Ottawa is so incredibly wonderful!" "I *love* Hey Fever." "Totally worth traveling 3000 miles!" "It just gets better every year!" "It was perfect."

Oh my! Are we going to have a blast!!